a ladybird

After the rain At twilight After the rain Girl goes out to the garden After the rain A red fashionable ladybir […]

Spiral and dream

a leaf of Citrus maxima a big fruit in winter sweet and sour taste like tears of life dancing and dreaming lik […]

Baron baron

He has a short tail. He is assailed by another goldfish. He is my precious family. I moved it toward the big w […]

White mini rose

Small rose It seems to be snow. At this place where it doesn’t snow. A pretty flower is in bloom.


Children are pleased with this fruit Tear off a leaf Fragrant fragrance Yellow is a color of popularity for ch […]

Winter gifts

winter sweet”蝋梅の花" a leaf of Nandina”南天の葉” planter-dyed genuine leather coaster drifting season…

Loquat flower

Loquat flower Smells sweet I’m full When loquat leaves fall Dyeing plants using fallen leaves


the first ballet stage rubber is cochineal dyed the ribbon is hand-stitched made a drawstring bag of plant dye […]