Mariegold dyeing

Even if you hesitate、 StepsAlso the line of sightAs dignifiedit’s beautiful. I met such a person.

Indigo blue like the” blue sky”

まるで地球のような彩りの青 水面に映る鮮やかな空  我を取り戻す柔らかい友の声

A bear and girl

The bear name is “BIO”. The girl name is “Leona”.

Spring cherry blossoms

Spring cherry blossoms have bloomed again this year. No matter what is happening to humans, nature is here no […]

the peach blossoms”桃の花”

The peach blossoms have bloomed. A little bird is coming. Fluttering wings… A little bird comes back to […]


Planted indigo seeds in February. In March, the Japanese indigo Futaba sprouted. This spring is coming a littl […]

Tulips and puddle

Grandpa planted tulips bloomed. A leaf has the powerful elasticity. A leaf has a beautiful curved line. Red of […]