Tulips and puddle

Grandpa planted tulips bloomed. A leaf has the powerful elasticity. A leaf has a beautiful curved line. Red of […]

White, peach, red, purple

Primula sieboldii ”Sakurasō” Same as the name of the loved one. I bought a seedling with that person and repla […]

a ladybird

After the rain At twilight After the rain Girl goes out to the garden After the rain A red fashionable ladybir […]

Spiral and dream

a leaf of Citrus maxima a big fruit in winter sweet and sour taste like tears of life dancing and dreaming lik […]

Baron baron

He has a short tail. He is assailed by another goldfish. He is my precious family. I moved it toward the big w […]

White mini rose

Small rose It seems to be snow. At this place where it doesn’t snow. A pretty flower is in bloom.


Children are pleased with this fruit Tear off a leaf Fragrant fragrance Yellow is a color of popularity for ch […]

Winter gifts

winter sweet”蝋梅の花" a leaf of Nandina”南天の葉” planter-dyed genuine leather coaster drifting season…